Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Turf in Utley, Bastrop Co. Texas

Many have asked how I get the birds and animals I get...Well it is rural here for now and all I can really do without showing the exact location of my property is to show you the area on Google Earth.  A wide variety of habitats for all seasons with the Colorado River and a major tributary (Wilbarger Creek) very nearby..  I will say that I live in the northwest quadrant of this image and my property and cabin is there to be seen.  Would be more precise but don't want NSA coming to raid my newly bought Butternut Squash and turn-buckle from the Tractor Supply Store. Increasingly crammed between the Austin Metropolis and  swelling Bastrop, where else do migrants have to pass?   This is part of the remaining gap of about 16-17 miles with little to no light pollution at night and still ample places for diurnal and nocturnal migrants to land and roost  mostly unmolested between those two rapidly growing cities.  Eventually, someday, this gap will close and become just more urban sprawl, though I hope not in my lifetime as I treasure this area.  It is my reason for living here, the reason I moved here and why I have remained here for almost three decades...Almost half my life....Still a very quiet neighborhood


  1. I follow your posts on TEXBIRDS. NIce post and nice place - hope it does not turn ito urban sprawl any time soon.

  2. Brush, other reasons you see all those birds are that you are always outside, looking and listening, you keep doors and windows open to connect with nature when you are inside, you provide habitat, food and water for your resident critters and you know intimately what happens when in the natural world all year long. It is not just the good location but at least equally important the person who lives there.

  3. Agree with pc hoc. I enjoy your posts on Texbirds immensely. Thanks for opening our eyes and ears to what's happening outside.