Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Great Property Bird On The Way To The Mailbox

This Couch's Kingbird was just down the road from me.  I heard it first calling behind a neighbor's house, folks I don't know yet, as I walked the half mile to the mailbox  I could not see it as it was somewhere in their Live Oaks.behind their house..But on the way back I waited it out and it finally appeared from behind the house just long enough for a few distant crumby photos...It was a long way back in there.  This in Utley, Bastrop County, Texas on a cold clear afternoon today. It was calling its "kip" call notes steadily but that was all.  So I stood at my gate up on the road straining to hear it, and was finally just able to.  I am easy...If I can hear anything from my property it goes on the mental list.   These are becoming pretty regular up here.   I hope it actually will decide to visit the many dead snags on my property proper.  It was just over a decade ago that these were almost unheard of in the county.

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