Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harvester Ant Beetles

While in Oklahoma I found beetles, sometimes twenty or more on the mounds.  Extremely common insects and everywhere ....I have to wonder what attracts them especially to the large Harvester Ant "hills"  BTW the "gravel" brought up by the ants mixed with good soil is extremely good for growing cacti as my plants will

American Persimmon, Milo Oklahoma Oct 13, 2013

  This small native tree has produced ultra sweet fruit for at least 50 years.  At the very western edge of its range, this is my favorite tree on the old farm...As it is with the raccoons and Opossums.  I rarely get to the farm in October when they are getting into their prime.  What a difference from the shriveled November leftovers the fruits are now.  The fruit was important to Native Americans and early settlers as a fall diet supplement.and treat.