Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5, 2011 ...Thirsty birds

At 102,6 degrees F yesterday afternoon a lot of critters made it in for splish and splash. So many photos but here are a few select ones. Thirteen species of birds were captured at this water location only. Unfortunately the batteries went out I guess on the other water features, but I know by watching those picked up another 3 species including Common Ground-Doves and N. Parulas

If the strange bicolored bill on the young crow remains , it will provide a very useful mark as I watch the crows. If it should survive. Already it is quite tame, learning from it's parents that there is water and other goodies to be had here including cardinal chicks.

The Red-shouldered Hawk made several visits to this pan though there are larger ones elsewhere. This is nothing more than a plugged hot water heater spill pan which is available at any hardware store.

The Roadrunner is just looking goofy for no known reason.

Can't beat the bird baths for entertainment when there ain't no other water to be had.

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