Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Utley/Webberville Spring birds

After yesterday's excitement at the park with the guys and the eagle nest, today was much sunnier and a bit more up beat. I took laundry to Webberville to wash (dried at home) and no sooner had I turned on the machine that several Mexican/Latino ladies came in with literally tons of clothes to wash, I mean sheets rolled up with clothes so heavy they had to drag them in. 5 minutes later and I would have been out of luck on getting a couple of whashing machines for the day there. Instead of waiting there with the c12-13 screaming/playing kids, I went to Little Webberville park while the clothes washed. There I had my FOS Travis County PUMA and BARS also a singing parula. Little else though the trees area all budding or blooming nicely.
After picking up my washed clothes, I stopped by Big Webberville Park finding nothing of note except new nesting birds including a Downy Woodpecker nest site. It is that dead time of year when a lot of stuff has left to go further north or south back into Mexico. Indeed the fence row on the west side of the park was without White-crowned Sparrows for the first time I have noticed since Nov. The Harris's Sparrows of course are long gone now, nor could I stir up a Song Sparrow or Winter Wren.
Back home as I was hanging out the wash to dry, 3 Sandhills flew over, and the White-eyed Vireo that has been here for over a week now has some competition that appeared just today so the the place just rocks with WEVI vocal battlings. I like WEVIs just fine.
At dusk two Barred Owls took it up for a while nearby as did a Pileated just before heading to roost.
Will be heading out of town to make make my cowbird pick-ups round ups ...BTW if your trapping and have dead cowbirds/house sparrows or starlings in say numbers of 10+, please please freeze and let me know as I will gladly take them off your hands or will have someone at hand that can. We need them badly and have all the permits etc. We will not resale or redistribute, that is a promise. These are used as controls in in the detection of avian strikes at Radio Towers, wind farms, transmission lines , highly illuminated industrial sites etc. We can use can as many as can be provided/obtained. While the cowbird trapping season is usually done only in the spring, we actually need them just as badly for fall migration as well as the rest of the year.. Just drop me a line.
The next day (Thurs.) I will be on a property on the UTC "birding" but hope to be back here on Friday (maybe Sat.)....My cell, 361-655-7641