Saturday, February 27, 2010

Webberville...It's over....

.....winter that is. Folks from Ohio or Vermont can just head on back home now. Spring is here, winter is done with. Little Webberville Park had not one but two Northern Parulas this morning. One singing it's entrails out in a budding American elm, so it is a done deal! Took photos of another one in a bunch of vines and if you are good at looking thru photos or like jig-saw puzzles, for tiny images of probably blury, tiny objects, I Can send them to you as I know the bird is in the photos....Just can not be bothered with it.

I'll bet 1.50 that GCWA and BAWWs are already back too.!! I even bet one will be reported on Chit-chat today or tomorrow!

At Big Webberville Park there was a male Hairy Woodpecker as noisey as it could be hammering on a dead hackberry and calling on occasion. I KNOW this bird will not breed in Travis Co. and can not even figure why it is not already in the pines so late in the year. If i am wrong and you can photographically prove (sorry but that seems to be an absolute MUST these days, I tried to get one of a House Finch but it got away). I will buy you a gallon of Borden's Fresh Churned Buttermilk if you can find it.....Just let me know if you want me to send them.!

Bluebirds were also nest building in one old snag in the park and in earnest. My titmice have been at it for a while now. A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks were back at their nest site this morning.

Everything is spring, I watched a Carolina Wren carry load after load of nesting materials into one of the plastic lined garbage barrels at Big Webberville Park this morning, until I finally went to see where he was doing that construction. Ane there it was, a near completed nest inside a Tecate 12 pack beer carton!....Mean old me, I took it out, tore it up and threw the nest away then tore up the at any moment the parks guys would coming to dump all the barrels out anyway. So for the wren it was just a wasted effort, especially if eggs were laid in there soon..the barrels are always emptied before or during the weekend crowds.

Two male Spotted Towhees still grace my feeders as does a Brown Thrasher. Otherwise after about 9:40AM I had to give this birding stuff up and quit such piddling. A lovely day but birding and piddling just does not pay the bills....Darn it. There are cans to stomp and rats to kill.

I sat out in the yard until around 7:40 last night but heard only barking dogs. I had also burned off the yard yesterday so it was not likely attractive to, too many night critters. maybe more later if something crops up......Hmmm cropping up......Oh never mind for now.