Friday, March 2, 2012

Ice Chest Tomatoes

Here I show you 5 varieties of tomatoes (plus one chest of late cabbage) grown strictly in salvaged ice chests from mostly the coast. This is the larger of the two "gardens" I have 27 ice chests in all growing peppers, tomatoes, squash and even one with bird house gourds....This year I have bird house gourds planted everywhere the soil is good and I can get a hose to. Also just today I put in Okra in select spots....A good hot weather plant I love to eat raw when about 2.5-3" long..
Last fall I just threw out some 2 year old turnip seed from the freezer for the birds...It went ballistic even on unprepared soil so have been enjoying greens, but it is now time to harvest the roots before they get to tough. Great in beef soups and stews.

Click on the photo to enlarge on the 'maters. The plants in these recycled ice chest include, Super Beef Master, Black Krim, Celebrity, Big Zac  and Patio tomatoes...The 3 pepper s are TAMU mild jalapenos, except one Serrano grown from seed (all of these plants were grown from seed except the Russian Cabbage which will be coming out next week to make room for cukes.).

Will send another photo in a month or two of this "garden"..My other "garden" of about 10 ice chests for now contains only small seedlings or as yet unsprouted veggies. I also have red potatoes that I just "planted" in a huge compost heap. The green above surface stuff is growing like crazy...2+ feet high....But I don't know what is going on under ground yet.  I add coffee grinds to the mix every day as shown to the tomatoes and use fish emulsion every other week....B
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