Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Towhees and Long-eared-Owl People.

Worn out today. Spread a load of oyster shell through some pot holes on the road but did not bring nearly enough up with me. Fellow even told me so. Then took the off off the old chicken sheds as there is a wire ceiling, so I reckon I will grow my tomatoes in there this summer...should be plenty of light. Then took a nap. As I was lying on the couch, noticed titmice carrying nest materials into a bluebird box I had put up....Oh well, sure wanted bluebirds but maybe next year. At dusk I wrapped up and waited to see if any woodcocks were still around. Did not notice or hear a one AMROs also headed north at dusk.
I was about to go in when a very large bird flying much like a Pauraque or a Chuck came zig-zagging up the road followed by another a few seconds later!!. They were flying right over the ground into the yard where I quickly lost one in the dark cedars. However the other bird landed just over the bird bath where I could barely make it out..... Slowly I raised my bins and got a bit of extra light captured just enough to see it was a LEOW. Figured it would come down to bath or drink but it did not. The other hidden bird flew down for something in the yard and the one at the bath chased after it off to the west not to return, at least while I was out there..........Am positive on ID as I get Barreds, Screechs, and Horneds constantly....Junk birds here. I stood out in the yard perhaps 8 more minutes and heard two soft....sort of "oooooo" notes, The best thing I guests I could relate that sound to is a White-tipped Dove tho I know that seems likely goofy.........It got too dark to see ekse and I was tired and cold so gave it up. Sorry no photos tonight, just to tuckered get another day or two off again as soon as a key comes in the mail. Bummer.

Seems a bit on the late side for these owls but do recall an April record.

Brush in Utley for now.