Monday, June 3, 2013

Starry-eyed Sweetie

 Found this starry-eyed sweetie roaming across a pasture on our Milo , Oklahoma place on June 1 about 140 yds. from the nearest water.  I figure she was looking for better digs or was out to find a place to deposit a clutch of eggs.  She is pretty old but still cute as a bug. Measured roughly 23 inches long with head tucked in, likely would have been around 29-30 with head fully extended.   Snapped at me 3 times and here I was flirting with her by walking around here for photos and to admire her beauty!.  Note she is well off the ground in a defensive posture and it was hard to get a side shot as she pivoted to face me as I walked around her..  Once I picked her up I estimate she was around 18 lb.s if not more. At least she was heavier than my 15lb. cat.  It has been a while since I have found one this large...At least 3-4 years.  She could easily remove any unwanted warts or fingers.