Friday, May 4, 2012

Land "Lubbers"

  Ten's of thousands these big attractive
grasshoppers are to be found on the back roads of Edwards County.  It is impossible to drive without smashing thousands of them over 10 miles.  Nothing is interested in eating except their comrades.  The dead ones on the road attract the still living on to the killing grounds as well.  Despite the size these are quite soft, don't bite and are not even adults it seems.  Nearly all are of equal size.
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Bemused Fox

  Out on the back roads of Edwards Co. , where the traffic is light and the home sites few, I am sure this handsome fellow was a bit astonished to see me walking the roadside out in the middle of nowhere.  Trying to figure my game, he just stood there staring as I got closer and closer.  Eventually he casually finished his crossing and sauntered off into the brush with no alarm.
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