Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Documented Record of a nesting Archilochus.....

.. hummingbird in Calhoun Co.  I can find no other records of either a Ruby-throat or a Black-chinned as documented breeders in the county ...Calhoun Co. really has no breeding hummers except perhaps Buff-bellied rarely.  Petra Hockey took these photos after Suzanne Eberhard found the nest near her home in Port O'Connor
The ID is still a bit uncertain, but personally I think this female is a Black-chinned.  The primaries do look narrow tho I think this is the result of the angles of the wings as photographed.  In addition POC is a bit closer to Black-chinned range by about 1/4 mile :-)...No male to be seen anywhere nearby....Comments appreciated.  Here are a few photos.

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