Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mourning Cloaks

This morning as geese sailed over, and over north bound, and the post oaks are budding out way to early, I have had at least 2 and maybe 3 fresh Mourning Cloak butterflies on the property. I do have bait out but they either have not found it or are ignoring it.
Now then, I live out here in the sticks, hidden from view and am blessed with both indoor and outdoor facilities. I love the outdoor facilities .....Seems at least this specimen prefers my outdoor facilities over the the bait or indoor as well....I remember a tuna experiment Larry Gilbert told me about years ago and it has always stuck in my head....But no tuna here.

This animal is rare around here....I live in one of those small areas in the 48 states where there are not supposed to be any MC.s   The ones I have seen this morning all appear fresh....I should note that the winter has been so mild that many of the Black Willows never lost their leaves.
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