Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Utley Cabin, Screech Owls and young, Warblers etc.

This evening I studied a family of Eastern Screech Owls present on the property making for me , a new discovery. A call I had long attributed to young recently fledged birds is actually that of an adult, in this case a red morph, searching for  scattered young. In the top photo there is a gray morph , then two different young which though out of the nest, are still not capable of sustained flight and finally the female red morph.

The red morph repeatedly gave a series of 3, sometimes 4, low call notes that I had long attributed to another call made by juv. birds. As you will see in the attached it is is the adult that makes this particular call. It is however not dissimilar to that of young which are a bit older. This is the call of an adult seeking it's young. This short video that the two chicks was made when two young in sight and were responding by trying to move closer despite harassment by a few small passerines.

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