Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easy Flea Control for outbreaks

I have been away from my cabin for much of this year and recently returned to find I had a pretty good flea infestation, likely from a hen flea that jumped off the cat months ago.
  I don't wish to use poisons in the house as I have jumping spiders and geckos as renters/owners.  I just want to be rid of fleas.There are plenty of other critters that want to eat me (mosquitoes, scorpions, kissing bugs etc.) and need to save some chow for them.

Here is a flea killer that will suck every flea from your floors and carpets.  Works like a charm and completely without pesticides and works real fast.   

I picked this up years ago from somewhere and it is even better than these poisons.....Just take a desk lamp and shine it over a 10-14" in pie plate.  Fill the plate half full with water and add a bit of dish washing soap.  Turn the light on and it is a done deal.

  When I found I had an infestation I sat up 3 lamps through the house and within 1 day and two nights, I have not found a single living flea.  I seem to be completely free of them in two days.  I do not know if they are attracted to the lights or the heat they put off by the lights or both nor I do not know how many eggs a hen flea can lay but over the years have learned a flea outbreak is a flea outbreak and is short lived if dealt with.  Its like all the pupae hatch at about the same time when the temperature and humidity is just right....Then it is over, done, finished and the next out break may not occur for a year to several years...My last out break was 5-6 years ago.


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