Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roots and Anis

    Well while not really nature oriented I thought I would show you what the roots of a giant wind turbine look like.  As you can see the base concrete has been already poured into a hole of unknown depth.  The remainder will go into the rebar fashioned octagonal shape above that.  The visible hole here is about 9-10' deep..  The structure is, I am guessing about 30 yds. across.  As you can see they are built to stay.  I took this photo this morning.  As you can see they are built to last and survive some pretty tough hurricanes.

   I saw lots of Anis today which was nice as I don't usually see them in the spring in such numbers.  Starting to feel like summer but with the rains the wildflowers are sure pretty along the back roads.


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