Monday, April 19, 2010

Coastal/Migrant Updates

   Port O'Connor has been hopping with migrants and I have tried to bird fairly often but have had other rats to kill as well   Despite the town being full of birds today I was not out a great deal.  The 3 biggies are still here, The male Cape May Warbler, Yellow-green Vireo and Golden-winged Warbler but I actually did not have the YGVI today but did not look/listen as it is a tough location.  Lots of Yellow-headed Blackbirds on the west side of town on 185.  Should have spent more time out but did not have it.  A dead Texas Blind Snake was on the driveway for whatever reason.  Petra's little mulberry tree was full of birds ( and loads of ripe fruit) all day and she was not here to see it.  Tanagers, orioles, Indigo Buntings and even a Blue Grosbeak.
  The Common Nighthawks are back in force and I listened to them "booming" this evening.  Trimmed two huge garbage cans of bushes and vines back today as it is trash day and it needed to be done before the trash guys came so that ate up much of the morning.  The Cape May Warbler is gorgeous and as far as I know the only one in Texas so far this spring.   It is on Main between 14th and 15th streets. The rain yesterday kept me from doing a 1/2 day survey (paying) job today and likely will tomorrow..  Still the rain kept me from having to water much... Not much else to render out for tonight.


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