Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Webb Co. Amish, Home

Piddled around Webb Co. some more, finding some fair things but nothing of great note The deer somehow sense that season is over as they were obvious and everywhere. All the San Antonio and Houston Bubbas sure missed some trophies or decided to let them alone as breeding stock. I saw some grand bucks.

Looked one more time for the Cassin's Vireo briefly in Freer but still missed it, though a Sedge Wren was a big surprise. Migrant? I would have never have expected one of those in a patch of hackberries. An opossum was curled up in a ball in a portion of some old nest to sleep away the day. Hardly an animal of this country either.

Nothing else occurred and I drove up 59 toward home. Came to 796 and decided to stop by and see if John was home (John the Wheatear guy). I drove up to the enterence but saw several birders aimlesssly milling around down there so passed on that and went over to the store where David said John and the other boys were down in Tyman building a fertilizer barn anyway. I bought a quart of honey and a big tub of fresh churned butter. What was cool was that out there by where they shoe horses were two of the biggest turnips I have ever seen in my life. You think you seen big turnips?! These two were larger than basketballs and they likely weighed 12-14 lb.s ea. We talked a while then some folks came in with eggs so I left.

Down that same road that the store is on but a mile or so north, were a couple of birders that were out walking along the road. I guess they had already scored on the Wheatear and were looking for Lincoln's Sparrows or something. The lady with the brilliant red and blue coat looked like she knew what she was doing. Or maybe they were faking it, just waiting for me to drive past far enough so he/she could potty....Hey I do that sometimes :-)I got back to Utley a bit before dark tired, but in time to have 8 Sandhill Cranes say good evening.


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