Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18 corrections and highlights

Could not figure how to get/edit these photos into yesterday's blog and ran out of steam trying and patience trying so here are the photos that should have gone with that blog entry. If these don't show then I don't know what to say. Dial-up is a wondrous tool.

Just hung around the place all day piddling. In 24 hours managed 36 species of birds. Not bad for this little property. Best was seeing two parulas at the bird bath at once. Having a Blue-headed Vireo singing around the house most of the morning and finally hearing a Common Ground-Dove in the woods. I don't get them much anymore and they used to be so common around here....I am not sure why they left. Maybe the habitat has matured to the point they don't care for it anymore. Or maybe the fire ants have taken their toll on these birds as well.

Anyway the top picture is not "Old Indian Spring" but the septic tank that over flowed after I was gone a few days and the float in the commode was left in the open position. The blackened area is where I burned off the San Augustine again. I do it every time I can and the patch is getting smaller and smaller. Then the Texas native plum I spoke of previously.

But Geeeeez! I really got to go now, I think my neighbor is still mowing and it is almost dark. I don't want to miss hearing a lick of that :-)

That's about it....B

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  1. Brush, I am just trying to see if the comments are showing up now. Not much else going on. The rainy season is just starting here on the plains with the Perija Mountains in the background. at least it is a little cooler now. Keep up the good work with your blog.