Monday, February 22, 2010

Geese left quick.

I had to do the whole doctor thing in Victoria early this norning. It was not so bad but it just ate up a lot of time up and needles make me dizzy at 7AM ...It is 55.4 miles from Port O'Connor to the place where I started thre morning, through many fine rice and grain fields. Did not see a goose of any species for the first time this year. Last year my last geese flyovers on the coast were on the 24th over on the Traylor Ranch.....How quickly they just get up and go. I did see a few small groups of Sandhills, and I am sure there are a few flocks of geese scattered around on the delta, just not up in the upland fields anymore.

I made a run on up to Utley afterwards which I was was so much looking forward to despite the nasty forecast. It has been a month since I could get up here.....On one of the back roads I took near Whitng , I spotted a single Snow Goose in a pasture with a game wing. Poor thing........To be grounded and then for it to have to hear all it's breathern passing over in the night surely must be a discouraging thing.... I suspect it will not last long before a coyote finds it.
Heck as far as that goes in Lavaca Co., on all those many, many ponds, there were very few puddle ducks remaining at all. Even most of those have now left though a few Gadwalls and Ring-neckeds remained on a couple.

The cheery bird of note this morning was a nice bright Yellow-throated Warbler chipping away in the oaks in the parking lot at the medical offices there on Medical Drive in Victoria, but I did not have my bin's with me to get the best looks of it.....But boy where the White-winged Doves going to town everywhere....Grackles were pretty happy too..

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  1. Re-tracing half of that same route today, I found 80 white geese on HW 185 and 2,000+ on FM 1289. So I guess they are not all gone yet but might lift off going north as soon as that wind shifts to the south.
    Chilly out this morning, 37 degrees at sunrise. Binocs out of the glove compartment fogged up due to the heat from my eyeballs. Lots of wiping. Reward: a blue Ross's Goose on FM 1289. Hadn't seen one in several years.
    Sprague's calling from the same field.